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our work

The mission of the Anti-Discrimination Education Society is to develop and disseminate anti-discrimination education so that each person is participating in the creation of a world free of discrimination and violence.

The mission is achieved through three program areas.

1. We develop the competences of people engaged in anti-discrimination education

We train trainers involved in anti-discrimination education. We organize seminars, workshops and specialized trainers’ programs attended by persons who are professionally engaged in anti-discrimination education. We are preparing a certification system for anti-discrimination trainers.

2. We are establishing standards for anti-discrimination education

We are developing a model of anti-discrimination education - that is, a set of curricula on equality and combating discrimination for educators to use in preparing and conducting high quality activities in this area. We are compiling a catalogue of educational tools available in Poland to promote equality and diversity.

3. We are working on having anti-discrimination education included as part of the education system in Poland

We conduct research on the formal education system in Poland to determine the extent of anti-discrimination education currently in place. We are interested in the extent to which issues related to human rights, combating stereotypes and prejudice, reacting to and defending against discrimination and violence are present in Polish schools and how they are addressed.

We coordinate the activities of the Coalition for Anti-discrimination Education. We initiated the joint work of several dozen non-governmental organizations in Poland, engaged in education and counteracting discrimination. We are building dialogue with decision-makers in the education system, developing recommendations in this area, sharing experiences and promoting good practices. In this way, issues of equality and diversity are included into the education system in Poland.