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about us

The Anti-discrimination Education Society (TEA) was founded in 2009 by persons involved in anti-discrimination education. The Anti-discrimination Education Society brings together several dozen persons who specialize in this area. They include, among others, women and men who are anti-discrimination trainers, initiators of equality and diversity projects, members of organizations supporting groups threatened with discrimination.

In our work, we meet representatives of various groups: representatives of public administration, labor market institutions, trade unions, police, education sector, business, media, NGOs, and finally individuals. We conduct educational activities for these groups to counteract unequal treatment.

The mission of the Society is to develop and disseminate anti-discrimination education so that each person is participating in the creation of a world free of discrimination and violence.

The activities of the Anti-discrimination Education Society are directed to those individuals and institutions engaged in formal and non-formal education in Poland. We create solutions for:

  • teachers,
  • educational institutions - Ministries responsible for education and science,
  • education superintendents, teacher training centers,
  • trainers of adults and youth,
  • institutions involved in non-formal education.